To lead the development of true high speed internet in rural communities.
To provide excellent customer service and take care of every customers needs.




Bradley Oliver

Bradley Oliver is a lifelong resident of Grand Coulee. Born in Coulee Community Hospital in 1983, he was a 12 year vet of the Grand Coulee Dam School District. He is currently working towards completion of an B.S. in Computer Information Systems-Network Administration.


Jeremiah Seekins

Jeremiah Seekins has lived in the Coulee for close to 25 years. A long time resident of Elmer City and now Electric City, he and his wife are very involved in the betterment of our area. Jeremiah spends a large amount of time, effort and enjoyment on the betterment of our local schools and youth. Jeremiah earned a degree in Engineering from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks.


Micah Seekins

Micah Seekins is an avid computer programmer. A member of the Coulee area for the majority of his life, Micah is a computer enthusiast and popular online streamer. Micah attended the University of Maine in the Engineering field.